“The Mannequin Challenge” is sweeping social media all over the world.  The challenge, “also called the “Freeze Challenge” is simple, get a group of people to pose like mannequins in various scenes and capture it on film.

Here at the Hope for Gus Foundation, we thought this was a great idea to help raise awareness and funds for Duchenne muscular dystrophy!

So we have created FREEZE THAT DISEASE!!

We are asking people everywhere to created their own mannequin scenes, upload the short videos to our Hope for Gus Facebook Page and donate any amount or donate just ten dollars per person in your video!!

WILL YOU HELP?  Check out our Challenge Page to find out how to take the challenge!

Here’s how:

  1. CREATE Your Video
  2. CHALLENGE OTHERS in your video
  3. POST your video on your OWN FB page and on Hope for Gus Facebook Page
  4. TAG those in the video you created
  5. DONATE …

freezethatdisease_button_donateany  Donate $10 to Hope For Gus

Freeze that Disease South Meadow School Video